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Red vs. Blue Bonus DVD + Series Box Combo

RvB Bonus DVD + Series Box Combo
RvB Bonus DVD + Series Box Combo
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Product Description

Looking to complete your Red vs. Blue collection but already have Seasons 1-5? We're selling the super awesome Bonus Content disc separately! It also comes with the collectors box, so you can store all of your RvB DVDs in one place.

The Bonus Disc is packed with over 50 videos (2+ hours), most of which were never released online or to the public, including never before seen footage, making of documentaries, fan art, and all the videos you heard about but were never before available on DVD, including the latest XBL mini-series RECOVERY ONE. Complete your collection!

  • RvB Bonus Content - Red Team: new and unreleased, festival videos, trailers and bumpers, launch videos and extras
  • RvB Bonus Content - Blue Team: history and cast & crew videos, concert videos, community extras, and XBL mini-series RECOVERY ONE
  • Comes with the collectors box, to hold all five seasons of RvB (sold separately) plus the Bonus Content DVD
  • Build your own box set that's almost as good as the actual box set! (no one has to know)
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